The Revenant meets World Guinness Record. Just another day in Cannes Festival

It’s impossible not to admire the level of creativity that the creators of the festival put in every day and every single seminar. Thursday was just another proof of that. The highlight of the day was a World Record Guinness attempt to introduce “The largest lesson in creative thinking”. You just randomly go to a seminar only to find yourself between hundreds of delegates in a live brainstorming experiment for a brief from global charity Movember.

The record confirmation will come in a few days, but surely, the day was full of lessons and amazing teachers like the Oscar winning directors Alejandro González Iñárritu and Spike Jonze, Shane Smith the founder of Vice or the worldwide sensation Channing Tatum.

The lesson started with 3000 people attending one of the most passionate talks of the day “From Underdogs to Game-changers” with David Droga and Kevin Plank, the creator of Under Armour. “We spend too much time to justify mediocrity in advertising and find excuses for failures instead of learning from mistakes and revenge them with success” said David Droga. He continued with a funny but full of insight advice for clients: “The scariest thing that clients can do to agencies is to trust them. Because trust demands not only full responsibility but, most of all, it demands greatness”.

I said that the highlight of the day was The World Record, sorry, let me correct it. It was “Inspire” seminar with the legendary filmmaker of “The revenant” and “Birdman”.

Curiosity, perfection and the comfort to feel discomfort are the driving forces of creativity in the director’s point of view. One of the most important teachings of the seminar was about awards. Iñárritu said, “Honestly, it’s beautiful to receive recognition but it’s important not to get caught up in ego. I’m excited to keep learning and create beautiful things”. He also recognized the hard job of advertising in an inspiring way: “Saying a story in a minute is like capturing the essence of the ocean in a drop of water,”. So take it from an Oscar winner, we have a hard but beautiful job.